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It’s the people who make the difference. For the client, they provide that little extra effort or set that little extra something that makes a campaign more surprising or relevant. So come and meet the people who make the media business so unique!

Image of Dirk Van Eetvelde
In three wordsMedia professional - good-humoured - bon vivant
cup of coffee
Black - black - black, but not too strong, y'hear!
Image of Fien  Louwagie

Fien Louwagie

Teamlead Communicatie en Persverantwoordelijke
In three wordsPositive, engaged,
cup of coffee
With a splash of oat milk
Image of Geoffroy Le Grelle

Geoffroy Le Grelle

Client Director
In three wordsBrussels-born, pragmatic, sports and wine enthusiast
cup of coffee
Black, strong, while reading the daily press (digital during the week, paper at the weekend).
Image of Guy Spaey

Guy Spaey

Market & Research Manager
In three wordsGhent native, movie nerd & travel
cup of coffee
Black and by the gallon, preferably hand-ground beans (yes, I'm a coffee nerd!)
Image of Peter de Vester

Peter de Vester

Sales Manager
In three wordsempathetic, creative, solution-oriented
cup of coffee
Like with milk and a piece of chocolate (dark)
Image of Sofie Roelandts

Sofie Roelandts

Sales & Marketing Manager
In three wordsPadel, travel and bon vivant
cup of coffee
I don't drink coffee, I'm a tea lover!
Image of  ChatGPT


AI language model
In three wordsAdaptive, curious, helpful.
cup of coffee
As an AI language model, I don't have a physical body, so I can't drink coffee or engage in any physical activities. However, I can provide information on how people commonly drink coffee.
Image of Bernard Cools

Bernard Cools

Chief Intelligence Officer
In three wordsPositive and curious intellectual
cup of coffee
strong and sweet black
Image of Ann Hoerée
In three wordsPassionate, optimistic and sociable
cup of coffee
I am a cappuccino fan
Image of Tomas Luko

Tomas Luko

Director of Sales and Marketing
In three wordsInnovative. Proactive. Social.
cup of coffee
I only drink coffee when the green tea does not work any more.
Image of Steven Heylen

Steven Heylen

Client Partner – Lead Belgium
In three wordsPositive - Decisive - Open-minded
cup of coffee
Strong black with 1 sweetener :-)
Image of Dirk Soetens

Dirk Soetens

Market Intelligence manager
at Var
In three wordsloyal, analytical, trust
cup of coffee
Black (I used to drink it with milk but without is actually tastier, I must admit)
Image of Philip Peeters

Philip Peeters

Managing Director / Publisher De Bestuurder
In three wordsEntrepreneurial, Creative, Family man
cup of coffee
Image of Liesbeth Joos

Liesbeth Joos

Senior Key Account Manager
In three wordsdetermined, solution-oriented, entrepreneurial
cup of coffee
With a cloud of milk (but especially a lot 😉)
Image of Christina Gevers
In three wordspassionate - perfectionist - social
cup of coffee
Black as my soul 😉 but a Chai Latté is my little guilty pleasure
Image of Jesse Janssen

Jesse Janssen

Marketing & Communications Assistant
In three wordsOptimistic, determined, creative
cup of coffee
Preferably a latte with speculoos paste in a cozy bar with some jazz music and something to read
Image of Thibault Mortier

Thibault Mortier

Planning Assistant
In three wordsGood-natured, Eager to learn, Ambitious
cup of coffee
I'm one of the only people at Transfer who doesn't drink coffee. They say that with time, I will eventually give in...
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