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It’s the people who make the difference. For the client, they provide that little extra effort or set that little extra something that makes a campaign more surprising or relevant. So come and meet the people who make the media business so unique!
Image of Maïté Holvoet

Maïté Holvoet

In three words: Positive, enterprising, chaotic
cup of coffee
In large quantities 😊
This interview has been translated, the original language is: Dutch

Short introduction

What are you proud of?
My son and my company
In your free time, what do you like to do most?
Where would you go in a time machine and with whom/why?
The Stone Age (for a brief visit 😊) to experience the true wilderness without human impact.

Maïté's Recommendations

What is your favourite movie?
The Hobbit
What book would you recommend?
For non-fiction lovers: Fermat's Last Theorem. For fans of historical novels: Outlander and Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

Last but not least

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