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Maxine Meuleman

In three words: spontaneous, responsible, helpful
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This interview has been translated, the original language is: Dutch

Short introduction

What are you proud of?
I am in my early thirties, but have already built up some experience in the various sections of the communication industry. What I learned at previous jobs I take with me into my professional career and also benefits me privately. After all, you communicate with people every day. And that is what I like doing best. As account manager, responsible for Bruidmedia (Bride and Bridegroom magazine), lifestyle, the automotive sector and white and brown goods, I can use and sharpen my social skills every day.
In your free time, what do you like to do most?
I play badminton competitively and practise yoga. I also greatly enjoy cosy evenings with girlfriends, culinary treats in a good restaurant or an exciting series on TV.
Did you know that I…
I have been back at Publicarto since September 2023. My first sales support job was with Publicarto and now I am back as an account manager. A warm team with a great drive is where a person likes to return.
Where would you go in a time machine and with whom/why?
If I could, I would have loved to spend a day with Martine Tanghe. She sadly passed away from us far too soon last summer (July 2023). I always admired her for her impeccable pronunciation, her commitment to the Dutch language and the way she presented the news.

Maxine 's Recommendations

What is your favourite movie?
I don't watch many films, but I found 'Girl' by Lukas Dhont very impressive.
What book would you recommend?
It Melts by Lize Spit or Tirza by Arnon Grunb
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Two Cooks in Zottegem. Price/quality one of the best restaurants I have ever been to.

Last but not least

What is your favourite quote?
Een glimlach kost niet veel en hij doet zoveel goeds (Alice Nahon); Un sourire ne coûte pas grand-chose et fait tellement de bien (Alice Nahon); A smile doesn't cost much and it does so much good (Alice Nahon)
Who would you like to see in this section?
Liesbeth Van Impe, editor-in-chief of Het Nieuwsblad or Dirk Velghe, chairman of the board of directors of Mediafin.
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