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To create a successful media campaign you need knowledge of current opportunities and possible reach. Retriever collects data from all Belgian and Luxembourg media and converts this into valuable information. This enables media professionals to carry out the right analyses and use these to compose the best media strategies.

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Retriever shows which media companies are connected with your target audience. This is very useful when concluding strategic partnerships.


Successful media strategy requires knowledge of possibilities and reach. Retriever collects all media data, augmented by adding target audience characteristics.


Retriever helps publishers bring their advertising opportunities to the attention of media planners and marketers.

Media news

As an extension of the Retriever media database, we publish breaking media news here. We write about new launches and major changes in the media landscape.
  • Choeke

    Homerun deploys a brand new DOOH network: Choeke

    Homerun is expanding its offering with a powerful and disruptive new DOOH network: Choeke.
  • MENTpop en MENT55

    MENT TV split into 2 brand new channels: MENT55 and MENTpop

    Flemish theme channel MENT TV turns itself into two brand new channels, MENTpop and MENT55.
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Over 2,500 media consultants in the BeNeLux and some 400 marketers and independent consultants use Retriever.

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