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Ann Hoerée

In three words: Passionate, optimistic and sociable
cup of coffee
I am a cappuccino fan
This interview has been translated, the original language is: Dutch

Short introduction

What are you proud of?
When I look back at my 15 years in media agencies and then my 15 years in media/management in a variety of different roles in great companies, I am satisfied. The greatest satisfaction has come from the countless people I've got to know over the years; they've inspired me and, in turn, I've been lucky enough to be able to inspire some of them. We work in a sector that demands a lot from people, but if you live your job with passion, you get a lot of satisfaction in return.
In your free time, what do you like to do most?
In my spare time, I like to enjoy a good meal, binge-watch under a warm blanket, go to the movies with my sons, get a head massage at the hairdresser's, have a good chat, listen to an inspiring podcast, sing along in the car to a good song, relax in the bathtub, visit a museum and, last but not least, travel. So many things, so little time...
Did you know that I…
For about two years I have been working as a freelancer, under my label Apricity, a name that evokes the warmth of the sun in winter. The sun is always there, but at unexpected times it can be appreciated a little more. This is the feeling I would like to offer with my services. You will see me at work in different missions within our ecosystem. The variation in my job gives me energy; the busy schedule sharpens my mind.
Where would you go in a time machine and with whom/why?
I would love to go back in time to meet Ann when she was 18!

Ann's Recommendations

What is your favourite movie?
I don't really have a favourite film, but recently I was pleasantly surprised by 'Bullet Train'. I am also a fan of Meryl Streep, Sally Field and Julianne Moore, among others.
What book would you recommend?
I love the writing of Khaled Hosseini and, closer to home, Ish Ait Hamou.
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
When we are in Ostend, Bottarga is always at the top of our list. It's a good place to eat, with a friendly atmosphere and a view of the sea.
Do you have another cool tip for us?
Het Kunstuur, 60 minutes of culture, a brief moment of relaxation and inspiration that I highly recommend, cast in an ideal format!

Last but not least

What is your favourite quote?
"Be strong enough to stand alone, be smart enough to know when you need help and be brave enough to ask for it."
Who would you like to see in this section?
Until last year, I was president of MediaMadammen, a network of women active in marketing and media. One of the founders is Kristine Verhelst, Head of Media & CRM at d'Ieteren, who helped found the group over 20 years ago. I look forward to hearing her answers!
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