Data, functionality and technology

It all comes together on! The combination of valuable, reliable data and user-friendly functionality assures relevant media information. The technique makes sure you will be able to use this directly and safely anytime and anywhere.


Data is becoming key at an increasing number of organisations. However, collecting data is difficult and expensive. It is imperative to be precise when choosing which data to collect. Together with all Belgian and Luxembourg publishers and media owners, Retriever sees to it that the data is complete, relevant, checked and validated. This has made Retriever a Trusted Partner of many media companies since 2000.


The functionality within the database has been developed by Retriever itself during the years based on extensive knowledge of the market as well as the issues media professionals are being confronted with. The search and analytics make it possible to easily interpret data in order to become valuable input in all phases of the marketing and communication process.


The Retriever database uses the in-house developed software SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that, as a user, you don’t have to acquire expensive software or hardware yourself, but you can use our services via the Cloud. Retriever provides the application management such as back-ups, maintenance and installation of new versions and updates. No headaches about hosting or compatibility: Retriever applies the highest standards and makes sure you are always able to work safely, retrieve previously saved lists, or share your output with colleagues or clients from anywhere.