'Retriever Suite', musical tribute to quality media planning, launched on Spotify

Retriever Suite

On 1 September 2023, the Retriever Suite is officially launched on the various music platforms including YouTube and Spotify. This five-movement suite is especially for Retriever and its relations. Composed and musically performed on the piano by none other than Viktorya Anastasova, it is an ode to quality media planning.

Each part of the Retriever Suite has been carefully crafted to capture the complex and dynamic world of media, while maintaining a sense of harmony and coherence. Just as a carefully planned media campaign seamlessly brings together various elements, the Retriever Suite masterfully weaves various musical elements into a special piece of music.

We cordially invite you to listen to the musical translation of 'the media plan' in advance here: Retriever Suite Movement V Allegro Agitato ('the media plan'), the fifth part of this special piece of music in five movements that honours qualitative media planning. Do you also hear the build-up to range and contacts reflected in the sounds?

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