A musical tribute to quality media planning

Retriever Suite

As an advertiser, you want the target audience to remember your message. To do this, you establish a link with the audience through a campaign, so that your message is deeply felt or understood. The ultimate goal is for your message to penetrate straight to the heart of the target audience, creating an enduring impact.

Therein lies the difficulty, and at the same time - if the operation is a success - the strength of a good campaign: how does the target audience retain your brand and your proposition? In English, as in many other languages, we learn something 'by heart' so that we remember it. In French, for example, we say 'apprendre par coeur'. In Dutch, on the other hand, we evoke the head by saying 'uit het hoofd leren'.

This goes to the heart of effective communication: creating a link between the message and the audience. This link can be rational or emotional. In all cases, a good campaign is like a harmonious piece of music that resonates in the heads and hearts of the people you are targeting, leaving a lasting impression.

To illustrate this connection between a campaign and its target audience, we were inspired by the power of music. Like a masterfully composed piece of music, an intelligent and creative media campaign resonates in the hearts of its target audience. This musical tribute, the Retriever Suite, was composed especially for Retriever and its relations by Viktoriya Anastasova. The Suite symbolises the harmony between data and creativity in media planning.

We cordially invite you to listen to the pre-launch of Retriever Suite Movement II Allegro Moderato (our favourite), the second part of this musical work in five acts that pays tribute to quality media planning.
The full album will be released on Spotify and all other online music services on 1 September. We look forward to continuing to explore with you how creativity and precision can work together to best serve your customers

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