Agile marketing

Agile marketing

A tactical marketing approach that allows marketing teams to collaborate closely in order to swiftly set up, finish, evaluate and, if necessary, update projects.

Agile marketing teams are flexible (agile) when starting up a project to ensure they can quickly respond to changing circumstances while working on a project.

The agile marketing process has 4 stages. The sprint planning, the sprint, evaluation of the solution and a review of the work process.

During the sprint planning stage the issue at hand is identified, and a solution is devised. During the sprint marketers work closely together to deliver the solution within a short time span, usually 2 to 6 weeks. During the evaluation it is determined whether or not the solution is the correct one, and if it will be used in the future. In that case, small changes will be implemented gradually (iterate). Finally, all that’s left is a review of the work process. How did the process develop, what went well and what could be improved?

In sprint planning it’s not a problem when a suggested solution turns out to be ineffective. As long as you learn something from it the experience can be used to help create more successful projects in the future.

An important part of agile marketing are the so-called stand up meetings: short, daily team meetings, no longer than 15 minutes. Each team member summarises what they did the day before, what the plans are for today, and any obstacles they might have come across. Obstructions are immediately discussed and handled by the team.

To properly monitor the progress a central bulletin board is used. Every step in the process and its overall progress is clearly visible for the team here.

Teamwork and flexibility are key in agile marketing. Nobody is solely responsible. The combination determines the performance. Simplicity and good design is also greatly valued.

The agile marketing approach is perfect at a time when changes occur so rapidly that optimal collaboration and team flexibility is necessary to take on these changes and stay competitive.

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