Walloon week in L'Avenir with special offers

Walloon week in L'Avenir with special offers

The regional French-language daily L'Avenir is putting the spotlight on Wallonia during the first half of September. A special rate card with attractive discounts around this Wallonie week has been published with the L'Avenir print and online titles in Retrievermedia.be.

For advertisers, there are several advertising opportunities with attractive offers within an editorial context. For instance, from 4 to 9 September, advertisements can be placed around themes such as mobility, energy, tourism, economic development and education, all related to Wallonia. During the week of 11 September, the special supplement "Fêtes de Wallonie" will be published. On Saturday 16 September, "Une en Wallon" can be advertised in the section.

In addition to these print specials, there are also several online propositions. Check out the "Action Wallonie 2023" rate card in retrievermedia.be.

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