Roularta becomes more sustainable with eco-conscious ad medium: the Paper Wrap

paper wrap

Roularta has come up with a sustainable twist on the traditional packaging of its magazines Libelle and Trends/Tendances. The Paper Wrap is a creative, 'green' packaging that bans plastic and can be advertised on. Result? Maximum attention and a minimal footprint. The innovation fits in with the far-reaching sustainability policy that publisher Roularta has been rolling out in recent years.

The figures speak volumes: at Libelle, no less than 27 kilometres of plastic film is saved per issue, at Trends/Tendances 23 kilometres per 100,000 copies. That's not all, however, as Roularta also manages to turn its environmentally conscious commitment into a commercially attractive, impactful innovation. Indeed, the eye-catching Paper Wrap’s ad is also repeated inside the magazine in the form of a full page or an insert.

Trends/Tendances, with a circulation of 58,913 copies, is published 48 times a year; Libelle, which is published 52 times, has 852,710 copies (source: CIM 2023 October). For the package Paper Wrap, including technical costs for the wrap, AND 1/1 page, advertisers pay € 31,400 (Libelle) and € 23,000 (Trends/Tendances).

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