New Saturday supplement to Luxemburger Wort

LW Weekend

On 14 October next, the first edition of LW weekend, a new daily magazine to accompany the Saturday edition of Luxemburger Wort, will be published. LW Weekend is a lifestyle magazine with a contemporary take on the latest trends, in line with the editorial quality of the daily Luxemburger Wort.

LW weekend is published by Mediahuis Luxembourg S.A. in a circulation of 50,000 copies. The cost for 1/1 page full colour is €4,000. Advertising acquisition for Belgian clients is handled by Ads & Data. Luxembourg clients can contact REGIE.LU S.A.

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Meet the professionals…

Image of Guy Spaey
Guy Spaey
Market & Research Manager at Brightfish
In three words: Ghent native, movie nerd & travel
cup of coffee
Black and by the gallon, preferably hand-ground beans (yes, I'm a coffee nerd!)

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