New regional radio station in Limburg: Ludo


Since June this year, Limburg has added a new regional radio station: 'Ludo', named after one of the two initiators, Ludo Wijnen and Bjorn Verhoeven. This regional station, part of Radio Mid West Limburg (MWL), broadcasts on the frequency 106.6 FM in Tongeren. Ludo targets listeners aged 50 and older and lovers of evergreen music from the 50s, 60s and 70s in the Tongeren region and, like all other regional radios, can be heard throughout Limburg via DAB+.

Advertisers can advertise on Ludo for as little as 200 euros for a month with three spots a day. As on the other regional stations, there are also nice exclusive partnerships possible, such as around the weather or regional news. All commercial placements are provided by REGIORADIO / Verhoeven Media Solutions vof, which looks after the commercial interests of various regional stations in Limburg. All commercial opportunities for these stations can be found in the media database.

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