Lijncom introduces new digital screens in Antwerp

Lijncom new screens Antwerpen

Lijncom, known for the 4,400 buses and trams of De Lijn, also offers various Digital Out of Home options. After months of preparation, Lijncom has expanded its 'Network Antwerp Metro Station & Entrance' with 17 above-ground screens, providing real-time travel information for the metro. The 86i screens adorn the tops of the porticos at the entrances of the metro stations, seamlessly integrating with the existing underground Lijncom 75i network.

Until now, the network consisted of 24 underground screens in the metro. With the addition of the 17 above-ground digital screens, the network now totals 41 screens with dynamic advertising capabilities. Advertisers can broadcast 6-second videos, and the network is 100% available for programmatic buying. The deployment of this network costs €29,121 and generates 2.5 million contacts or impressions each week, with a share of time of 15%.

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