Advertising sales HUP! magazine to Publicarto

HUP! magazine

Publicarto has taken over the advertising sales for the title HUP! , the magazine published by Gezinssport Vlaanderen. This sports service of the Gezinsbond has 500 affiliated sports clubs and 30,000 members. Gezinssport Vlaanderen wants to be there for all families who want to exercise in a fun, healthy and family-friendly way. The circulation of the HUP! magazine consists of 25.000 copies. The cost for advertising with 1/1 page f.c. is 1.995 EURO. With this you reach 50,000 readers.

In addition to the magazine, a newsletter is published 6 times a year and sent to 20,000 subscribers. In addition, a special newsletter is sent 6 times a year to 600 sports club directors with news facts for sports clubs. In these newsletters, content marketing - a sponsored message including image - can be advertised.

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