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Lucrèce Noben

Senior Key Account Manager
In three words: teamplayer, service minded, doglover
cup of coffee
This interview has been translated, the original language is: Dutch

Short introduction

What are you proud of?
That I have been able to work in the media for more than 20 years and currently work with a great team to produce great figures every day.
In your free time, what do you like to do most?
Both cooking and sports are my hobbies. If you don't find me behind my kitchen pots, I'm probably playing volleyball or walking the dog. Preferably active.
Did you know that I…
For more than 10 years, I have had the privilege of working for wonderful titles such as De Bond, Le Ligueur des Parents, Raak, Femma, Okra, Seniorennet and many more. These are all magazines from associations with a specific readership that can be used in a very targeted way.
Where would you go in a time machine and with whom/why?
Actually, I like to live in the moment. Enjoying every day, together with my family, my friends, my colleagues, that's fine with me.

Lucrèce's Recommendations

What is your favourite movie?
Thanks to my father, I'm an incredible fan of Ennio Morricone, so because of the music I would say "The Mission".
What book would you recommend?
I love thrillers and am particularly a fan of M.J Arlidge's series on Inspector Helen Grace.
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Yalo in Ghent
Do you have another cool tip for us?
B&B Relais Sant’Elena in Bibbona Toscane.

Last but not least

What is your favourite quote?
Leef ! Alsof het je laatste dag is…
Who would you like to see in this section?
My colleague Liesbeth Joos is a top lady who would certainly fit into this series.
Image of Liesbeth Joos

Liesbeth Joos

Senior Key Account Manager
In three wordsdetermined, solution-oriented, entrepreneurial
cup of coffee
With a cloud of milk (but especially a lot 😉)
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